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2011/11/17 - Introduction at Philly Startup Leaders Founder Factory


Media credit: Steve Lubetkin

2011/09/13 - Introduction at Philly Startup Leaders Fishbowl


Media credit: Steve Lubetkin

2011/07/26 - “The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Business Into the Cloud” - Quoted in Mashable article

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Media Credit: Todd Wasserman and Mashable

2010/05/24 - “Built to Last - Best Practices and Resources to Grow Your Business” at SparkNetworking


2010/05/18 - Bentley Conference

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2010/05/04 - Starter Stories Interview

Media credit: Cliff Stevens and Philly Startup Leaders

2010/04/11 - Drexel Computer Science - Prospective Freshman

With: Paul deGrandis, et al.

2010/04/08 - “Enterprise Cloud Computing” - Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference 2010

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With: David Brussin

Media credit: Blake Jennelle and Chariot Solutions

2010/04/02 - GigaBit City

Media credit: Cliff Stevens

2010/03/25 - Google Fiber Initiative with Mayor Michael Nutter

[Press Release]

With: Mayor Michael Nutter, City CTO Allan Frank, City Councilman Bill Green, Johnny Goldstein, Stephen Tang (Science Center), and Tom Morr (Select Greater Philadelphia).

Media credit: City of Philadelphia

2010/03/10 - GigaBit Philly Hacking


With: City Councilman Bill Green, Johnny Goldstein, Alex Hillman, Johnny Bilotta, Branimir Vasilic, Cody Ray, Blake Jennelle

Media credit: FOX

2010/03/05 - “Cloud Computing Opportunities from Startup to Enterprise” - Drexel University Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship


With: Max Zilberman, Chris Myers, Bay Arinze, and Mark Loschiavo

Media Credit: Lebow College of Business

2010/02/21 - Drexel Computer Science - Prospective Freshman - Scholar’s Day

With: Paul deGrandis, et al.

2009/12/17 - Innovation Philadelphia Spotlight Interview


2009/10/05 - “How to start a Startup Community” at Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit


With: Tracey Welson-Rossman, Geoff DiMasi, Blake Jennelle, and Steve Barsh

Media credit: Blake Jennelle

2009/06/01 - “How to get funding without losing your shirt” at SparkNetworking


With: Gloria Rabinowitz, Tom Taulli, and John Xu

Media credit: Spark Networking

2009/02/26 - Drexel MCS Society Talk

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2009/01/30 - Fall Forecast 2009 Conference

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With: Andrew Kortina, Chris Richardson, Toby Dipasquale, and Ken Rimple

Media credit: Kyle Burton and Chariot Solutions

2008/09/18 - “Managing and Mentoring the Chronologically Very Young Entrepreneur” by Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures


2008/08/29 - Philadelphia Business Journal - Front Page!!


2008/05/28 - Metro Article


2008/07/30 - Chariot Techcast Interview

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With: Ken Rimple

Media credit: Chariot Solutions

2008/03/14 - Drexel MCS Society Talk

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2006/11/09 - Drexel MCS Society Talk

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Previous Work - 2006 and prior years

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