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My Chariot Techcast Interview

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It’s not a coincidence that my blogging and podcasting debuts happened at the same time. I’ve been trying to increase my transparency and will hopefully start pushing out video next! Twitter got me started blogging, but then kept me lazy and away from long-form writing.

In this “Chariot Techcast” interview, I am talking to Ken Rimple from Chariot Solutions. Chariot Solutions holds the ”Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise” Conference, and has an upcoming Cloud Computing Conference called ”Fall Forecast 2008 - Computing Among The Clouds”. Chariot’s 50+ employees find themselves involved in a number of interesting things in the Philadelphia area.

I listened to every episode of this podcast before I knew I would be appearing on it. I recommend it if you like a mix of web, open source, and “enterprisey” content. I particularly liked episodes 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, and 12 is an absolute thriller.

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      Here are some post-interview hindsights, corrections, and links that may be relevant. I also posted these in the comments for Episode #12.

      • I say “system” developer to refer to “non-web” developer. It might be more accurate to say “application” developer in some of those cases.
      • I actually did more Python than C++ at my last job. Core product was C++.
      • Closures in C/C++ - It’s not clear the way I phrased this … you can’t make closures with function pointers, but you can work around the problem. C++ has Functors.

      Links on topics that were discussed: