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Dropcard Launch: "Drop the Card"

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I have stacks of business cards, and only “important” people make it into the Rolodex (joke). It was a good idea once, but I rarely pull a card from the Rolodex. I have been thinking for the past year about buying the Neat Business Cards scanner to digitize them, and throw away the originals. NeatReceipts is a Philly startup located near Vuzit at the University City Science Center. Now I have another reason to procrastinate on this buying decision: Dropcard.

Dropcard, a fellow DreamIt Ventures company, is a free service with a vision of replacing business cards by using a combination of SMS text messages, email, and an online service. It is easy to connect to someone by texting ’drop’ to 41411, then a vCard is emailed to each person for use with your favorite address book. The time of the exchange is permanently recorded so it replaces the need to write the date/time on the business card (something I try to do).

My address book is scattered in so many products, services, devices, and matter so I’m hoping this will help fix the problem over time. Another thought I have is that browsing a stack of business cards is nostalgic and triggers memories like the time/place it was exchanged … and it’s always fun to look at your own business cards from previous employers. I hope future applications will preserve this characteristic somehow.

Dropcard created a promotional video that I had to share because it’s hilarious: