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My birthday party was a blast thanks to everyone that came over, and the awesome people that helped setup, provided furniture, food, drinks, transportation, etc. It was an uncommon mix of family and friends from all stages of my life. I guess everyone is aware that I like Scotch since I got more than 12 bottles in gifts. THANK YOU!

Dropcard Launch: “Drop the Card”

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I have stacks of business cards, and only “important” people make it into the Rolodex (joke). It was a good idea once, but I rarely pull a card from the Rolodex. I have been thinking for the past year about buying the Neat Business Cards scanner to digitize them, and throw away the originals. NeatReceipts is a Philly startup located near Vuzit at the University City Science Center. Now I have another reason to procrastinate on this buying decision: Dropcard.